Monday, May 28, 2007

ISU Institute of Science and Society: Expanded Focus

Bioeconomy Expansion: Environmental, Economic, Social, and Policy Implications for Iowa and the Nation

[The mission of] The Institute of Science and Society [at Iowa State University] is to highlight the role of the social sciences in research and education in the college and university, raise the visibility of interdisciplinary research and education involving the social sciences, grow interdisciplinary and policy research with the natural and engineering sciences as well as the humanities, and highlight policy issues of critical importance to Iowa and the nation. To achieve this mission, we will sponsor the following program of activities:

***Workshops/seminars highlighting interdisciplinary research involving the social sciences in the college and university as well as at other institutions
***Jointly sponsor forums on implications of bioeconomy expansion
***Collaborate and cooperate with other institutes and centers in sciences, engineering, agriculture, and humanities at Iowa State University
***Seed grants for developing interdisciplinary seminars and research proposals, and
***Efforts to better position faculty for external funding

... [T]he current focus of the Institute of Science and Society [has changed]to "Bioeconomy Expansion: Environmental, Economic, Social, and Policy Implications for Iowa and the Nation." ... [T]his expanded focus will facilitate the integration of social sciences research and education into what is happening in other Liberal Arts and Sciences' departments, centers and colleges, and the university's mission.

[It is] ... anticipate[d] [that the Institute will be] ... involved with a range of activities and projects addressing the growing bioeconomy from how do markets and policies drive the expansion to what are the water quality and quantity, climate change, risk and science policy, and social and community implications.

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