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Water and Bioeconomy: 2007 Iowa Water Conference

Water and Bioeconomy: 2007 Iowa Water Conference
Scheman Building, Iowa State Center, Ames IA | March 6, 2007 |

The emerging bioenergy industry in Iowa will impact local and regional water resources. Significant changes in agricultural systems, management practices, and water demands to satisfy the growing bioenergy industry have the potential to both positively and negatively affect surface and ground water. The purpose of this conference is to address the question:

How will the biofuel industry affect sustainability of Iowa's water resources, and how will water resources affect the sustainability of the biofuel industry?
Conference objectives
Clarify the relationship between the bioenergy industry, and water quality and quantity.
Identify what additional information is needed about these relationships.
Suggest means to address these needs.
The Iowa Water Center will summarize input gathered from the conference working groups and develop recommendations that address water resource opportunities and challenges related to the growing biofuel industry. The recommendations will be provided to industry leaders, researchers and other key stakeholders.

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20 years of the Iowa Groundwater Protection Act
Jerry DeWitt, director, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Direction of the biofuel industry in Iowa
Greg Krissek, Iowa Renewable Fuel Association

A new agriculture
Jill Euken, Industrial specialist-biobased products, Iowa State University Extension

Economic drivers of change
Bruce Babcock, director, Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, Iowa State University

Riding the bioeconomy wave: Smooth sailing or rough water for the environment and public health?
Gene Parkin, director, Center for Health Effects of Groundwater Contamination, University of Iowa

Water quantity implications of biofuel production
Bob Libra, Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Compounded influences: Opportunities for water resources
Rick Cruse, director, Iowa Water Center, Iowa State University

The summarization and final report from the four working groups is still in progress.

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Mark C Reid said...

Something that is going to be of critical importance to biofuel development.

Something governments and national agencies need to start planning now - in terms of infrastructure.

I've recently seen/been reading how Greece and Australia are both struggling in certain areas.

Water is a critical parameter national - forward planning can influence dramatically.

I thank you Gerry for the interesting literature - and will continue to read with interest.